As You Can Imagine

Busy people doing things, creating things, working at jobs at home and away takes up time-time I haven’t used for posting anything! Here’s a few update pictures of the kitchen project. Phase 2 has commenced with the sink installed, though only temporarily; it will be removed and reinstalled when the countertop for that side of […]

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Meht Meh

When Caleb was little, medicine was one of the words he couldn’t pronounce. His young pronunciation was meht meh, and referred to lip balm.  I made some meht meh for Christmas gifts, although a salve rather than lip balm. This all-purpose salve is wonderful. I start by filling a jar with Calendula flowers or rosemary sprigs, […]

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Grant was very proud of his Christmas gifts for me this year. Beautiful Garnet Hill flannel sheets, Handmade in Washington clothespins, and beside 2 books I had requested, this: a promotional beer stein marketing a sausage company in Germany! Years earlier my Father-in-Law’s cousin Wally had returned from a German vacation. With much pomp and […]

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The Rest of October

Here’s how our month went. Slowly in moments but then *WOOSH* it was over. We did BrickCon We got sick Took blurry pictures at Art Class Toured Lambeau Field (well, one of us did) Continued Flag Football Went fishing Searched for fossils Cleaned & organized (though you have no BEFORE reference) here And here Dug […]

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Mr Fixit

So in August, Caleb and I were playing some backyard soccer, practicing dribbling from one end to the other, trying to steal the ball, occasionally shooting to imaginary teammates. Truth be told, Caleb didn’t want to play, he humored me, not begrudgingly, but it was my idea, my persistent request that we do. You need […]

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Our temperate winters, the protected nooks of microclimates, a patio-side herb garden, give me this. It’s no wonder songs are sung for this quadrinity.

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